Your workforce is your most precious asset

So like all assets, it's important to look after them; to insure them; to keep them. You may need to comply with your legal "Duty of Care" obligations; however, you may also want to also make sure that your staff are safe, happy, and productive. After-all we all know that a productive and committed employee positively impacts your bottom line.

To help you achieve this, Interactive Fitness Software provides you with a complete range of Employee Assistance Programs to ensure your employees minimize their risk to Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS) or Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), and thereby minimize your exposure to workers compensation payments and costly litigation.

No matter the size of your workforce, or the nature of their work duties, Interactive Fitness Software has an occupational health solution. Our Employee Assistance Programs can be integrated into your current IT infrastructure easily and without the usual overheads of IT support staff. All Interactive Fitness Software Employee Assistance Programs are provided with Quick Installation Guides, comprehensive Program Installation Manuals, and personal support facilities from your account manager and the Interactive Fitness Software Helpdesk.

We don't need workplace occupational health

Wrong. Understanding the relationship between health and the workplace is fundamental to the success of your business.

A well-administered occupational health service will deliver these benefits:

  • compliance with health and safety legislation - reducing the risk of litigation
  • lower costs - saving you the expense of unnecessary sickness absence and claims against your private medical insurance, permanent health insurance, employer's liability insurance and pension fund
  • increased staff retention - saving you time and effort recruiting, retaining and training staff
  • improved productivity - with better working conditions, staff are more motivated and efficient

Cost-effective solutions

Add up the costs that lost productivity or staff re-training could impact your business, then look at our solutions. Our sales managers would be more than happy to compile a suitable package for your organization. OH&S need not cost the earth. Your business should not be held to ransom because your staff do not sit correctly at their workstation.

Our Employee Assistance Programs

Many of our programs can be customized with your logo. Please enquire with our sales staff.

Jim Instructor
Regardless if you own and operate a commercial gymnasium, provide gymnasium facilities to your hospitality customers or to your workforce, you have a duty of care to ensure that information on how to safely operate the equipment is always available. Using our patented software and wall mounted lcd touch screen, you can feel confident that you have done all you possibly can to ensure your staff and/or guests are fully aware of exercise execution and equipment usage. Protect yourself at the same time as protecting your staff and guests.
Jim Office
Our premier program. Jim Office covers office ergonomics, staff posture, staff exercises and stretch customizable break reminders and usage tracking. Jim Office also tracks keyboard and exercise usage paterns.
Jim Checkout
Designed to work seamlessly with your current WindowsT POS terminal. This application will launch during periods of inactivity so that your customer service staff can perform some suitable stretches at their post. Program will deactivate as soon as the POS terminal is required to process a customer.
Jim Checkout-i
Our interactive version of Jim Checkout. Jim Checkout-i uses touch screen input from your POS terminal to display stretches and exercises during your operator's periods of in-activity. Select by Muscle Group and general POS ergonomics options are available here.
Jim Industrial
Materials Handling can potentially cause many back related problems due to inadequate stretching prior to exertion or incorrect handling procedures. Jim Industrial effectively demonstrates the correct methods for muscular and skeletal movements before, during, and after exertion.
Jim Home
For your own personal use, for staff incentive programs, for sme businesses, for Fly-In Fly-Out staff, Jim HomeT provides an easily accessible internet based program. Simply purchase access credits to use Jim HomeT. Userid's can be unique, or company based.

Health Surveillance

All employers are legally obliged to provide a safe workplace. The best way to ensure you are meeting your obligations is to conduct regular risk assessments and offer a programme of health surveillance appropriate to the needs of your business. Expensive consultants is one way of achieving this. The other way is to install interactive Fitness Software Employee Assistance Programs and monitoring their usage thru the embedded tracking and reporting tools.

Workstation self-assessments

Correct posture and workstation setup is not difficult. Interactive Fitness Software programs have ergonomic functionality embedded so that it is easy for your workforce, once they have been empowered with the correct tools, to effectively self-assess their own workplaces and make informed decisions as to their individual best setups.

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Use simple equipment at home with Jim HOME.
Download it now.
Programs and Articles will be added soon (upgrade will be at no additional cost).

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October 2007
Incite Partnership

IFS has great pleasure in welcoming Chris Dutton from Incite Fitness as a product partner. Get hold of Chris at
May 2007
Kiosk's Available

We have released a range of kiosk enclosures to house Jim Instructor and Jim Industrial. Download the brochure here or call us for further information.
January 2007
Jim Instructor 2007 Released

New look, new programs, customisable routines. Contact us for further info or a demo.

November 2006
Health @ Work Partnership

IFS has great pleasure in welcoming Kristina Dalgleish from Health @ Work ( as a product partner. Health @ Work offer OH&S consulting services to Australia wide businesses. Kristina is contactable directly at Health @ Work or

November 2006
IFAP Safety 2006 Perth
Interactive Fitness Software was recently a participant at the annual Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention (IFAP) 2006 Safety Conference at the Sheraton Perth Hotel in Perth. Attendees were able to view the full range of “Jim” products. The touch screen interactive displays of Jim Instructor and Jim Industrial proved particularly popular – feedback centered on the uniqueness of the product, the intuitive nature of the software, and the particular ease of use.

October 2006
New Zealand Distributor Appointed.

Interactive Fitness Software is pleased to announce the appointment of Ken Fraser as our distributor in New Zealand. Ken will be account manager for the North and South Islands, as well as Fiji. All product enquiries for these areas should initially be directed to


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